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Health Benefits of a Detox Diet

Detox diets are pretty much everywhere. While some may chalk a detox up to a mere eating fad, it’s important to note that this type of diet modification can yield some potentially significant results. When done in a healthy way that doesn’t shock your body, a detox diet can actually deliver a multitude of health benefits, including:

Toxin Elimination

As the name suggests, a detox diet is all about eliminating toxins. What many people don’t realize is this type of eating regime isn’t just about eradicating toxins found in our food. There are toxins all around us. Although it’s not possible to control exposure to contaminants in the air, a detox diet gives you control over exposure to toxins in food, beverages, makeup, and personal and homecare products.

Increased Energy

Initially, some people feel tired when starting a detox diet. However, many people do experience an upswing in overall energy levels after just a few days. Additionally, the increased water intake often reduces headaches and improves mood.

Reset Food Choices

Besides eliminating toxins, the goal of any detox plan is to create long-term, sustainable change in your diet. Studies have shown that, dieting often doesn’t work; most people who go on a diet eventually gain back the weight. In contrast, cutting out toxic foods for a designated timespan may help reset behaviors for long-term, healthier habits.

Regulate Cravings

Many people think they can control cravings simply through willpower. The fact is; cravings are driven by hormonal imbalances. A detox diet can reset the body and help regulate hormonal balance to adjust cravings.

Control Food Addiction

Food addiction goes beyond common cravings. For some people, food can trigger a biochemical, addictive reaction. Breaking the dependent-eating cycle can be challenging, particularly when food manufacturers add highly addictive substances to the junk foods they produce. A detox diet removes these chemicals and foods from your diet and helps support healthier food choices.


Healthy eating isn’t just about basic nutrition; it’s also about the micronutrients in the food you eat. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), micronutrient deficiency is one of the leading causes of disease. Some of the most common include anemia (iron deficiency), iodine deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, and zinc deficiency. Lack of these micronutrients can lead to thyroid issues, vision problems, and respiratory problems. A detox diet resets your body and provides your body with these critical nutrients to help keep you on a path of health and wellness.

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