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Five Easy Ways To Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Metabolism often gets a bad rap. Yes, some people do tend to burn calories and lose weight at a faster pace than others, and metabolism does get slower as we age. However, we don’t have to simply accept the fact that our metabolism speed is set in stone. Knowing a few easy ways to give your metabolism a boost not only helps you increase metabolic rate, but it can give you a little-added mood and energy boost as well.

Some tips for giving a lagging metabolism a jumpstart include:


Water, vital for so many body functions, can also play a key role in getting your metabolism going. Studies have shown that drinking water can temporarily increase resting metabolism by 10-30% for about an hour. It’s important to note that cold water may have a better impact on calorie burning, as the body has to use extra energy to heat water to body temperature. Bonus perk: Drinking water can help fill you up so you’ll consume fewer overall calories.

Build More Muscle

Metabolically speaking, muscle is far more active than fat; the more muscle you build, the more calories you’ll burn every day, even when at rest. Consult with your doctor to create a resistance-training plan that will help you safely build muscle mass.

Break Up Sitting Stretches

People leading sedentary lifestyles may absolutely notice a change in their metabolic pace. Standing up may help. Reports have shown that standing up at work for an afternoon can burn significantly more calories than sitting. Beyond slowing down your metabolism, sitting for long stretches can have a severely negative impact on overall health and may even cause an early death for some.

Tea, Anyone?

Certain teas, such as green and oolong, have been shown to increase metabolism. Including them into your daily routine can help convert stored fat into free fatty acids, which in turn, boosts fat burn. Bonus perk: these low-calorie beverages may help with weight loss and maintenance (plus, oolong is just really fun to say).

Early To Bed

Much like water, how much we sleep can have a direct impact on a myriad of body processes. Proper rest can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and metabolically. Studies have demonstrated that even a single restless night can impact metabolism and lead to potential weight gain. Bonus perk: following a good night’s sleep with a healthy breakfast can further increase metabolic benefit.

Sudden, inexplicable weight gain or chronic fatigue could be indicative of something more than your metabolism slowing down. Discuss your symptoms with a doctor to determine next steps in your overall health care plan.

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